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Service Opportunities

Updated 03/23/2023

Officer, Secretary, and Hosting Positions Available

Officer Positions

In-Person Meeting Coordinator (1 year sobriety requirement)

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Coordinator (1 year sobriety requirement)

In-Person Meetings
1) Secretaries and Hosts needed:
    a) 7 AM Sun and Mon - Meditation 
    b) 7 AM Wed - 12 & 12
    c) 7 AM Thurs - Big Book

Online Meetings
1) Secretaries and Hosts needed:
     a) 12 PM Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri - Meditation
     b) 5:15 PM Mon - Speaker
     c) 5:15 PM Tue - Language of the Heart

     e) 5:15 PM Wed - Speaker
     f) 5:15 PM Fri - Living Sober
    g) 7:00 PM Fri - Speaker
     h) 5:15 PM Sun - 
Literature / Discussion

2) Hosts needed: 
     a) 7 PM Thurs - Beginners 
     b) 12 PM Sat - Meditation 

Contact Information
If you would you like to fill an open service position or start a new online or in-person meeting and you have at least six months to one-year continuous sobriety (depending on role), please contact us:
In-Person Meetings, In-Person Coordinator, and H&I Coordinator Positions: or phone 510-326-8052
Online meetings: or phone 925-726-6520

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